Referrals Made Easy

Snap Health provides access to a simple, easy-to-use online referral system that streamlines the entire process of locating therapists, scheduling visits, and approving post-visit documentation.

Therapy Your Way, One Snap Away

Our online referral system allows home health agencies to work with qualified physical, occupational, and speech therapists looking to add visits to their schedule.

  • Locate therapists in a specific geographical area

  • Choose therapists based on specialty or specific skills

  • See therapists’ ratings and cost before making a selection

  • Approve post-visit documents before paying for the visit

Here's How it Works


Locate Therapists
Our system generates a list of qualified therapists based off location, specialty, cost, and even Snap Rating – ensuring patients get the most out of each visit.


Schedule Visits
Once you’ve found the right therapists for the visit, simply select the date you would like for it to occur.


Approve Post-Visit Documents
Once the visit concludes, the therapist has 24 hours to submit post-visit documentation. Since we require therapists to use one universal post-visit note, you know you will get the information needed the first time, every time.


Pay for the Visit
After the approval of the post-visit documentation, you can pay for the visit through the online system. Snap Health consolidates all your invoices into one convenient hub.

Snap Health Rating System

Following the completion of each visit, Snap Health allows home health agencies to rate therapists based off the timeliness and accuracy of post-visit documentation and the overall experience. Our formula then quantifies the ratings into a snap rating unique to every therapist in the system.

The rating is updated after each visit, ensuring you get real-time information on the therapists you choose to work with.


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