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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What is a Snap Rating?
    A: A Snap Rating is your unique score based off the ratings you have received from home health agencies following the completion of visits. Ratings can range from 0.0 to 5.0 and focus on the timeliness and accuracy of post-visit documentation as well as the overall experience agencies had with you. The higher the Snap Rating, the more likely you are to receive referral requests.

    Q: If I deny a referral request, will I be penalized?
    A: Your Snap Rating will not be impacted by denying referral requests. However, home health agencies may take notice of continued denials and may not request additional visits from you.

    Q: Can I suggest a change that I believe would improve Snap Health?
    A: Of course! We are always looking for suggestions that would improve our app for clinicians. Contact Snap Health today with your suggestion!

    Q: I feel like I received an unfair rating on a recent visit. What are my options?
    A: If you feel a recent review you received is unfair, please contact Snap Health immediately. Clinicians can open a ticket on any review received within the last thirty days. Once a ticket is opened, our resolutions team will investigate the specifics of the review.

    Q: What are the settings you recommend regarding app updates and push notifications?
    A: We recommend you turn push notifications on after downloading the app. Push notifications allow you to be made aware of referrals as soon as they are submitted, and they put you in position to receive more visit requests.

    As for app updates, we recommend turning on automatic updates so your phone will update the app as new features are issued on our end. This keeps you from having to manually update each time an update is issued. At Snap Health, we are constantly updating our app to be more user-friendly. With that said, it is in your best interest to have automatic updates turned on.

    Home Health Agencies

    Q: Are all clinicians in the system licensed?
    A: Yes! All Snap Health clinicians are licensed through the Texas Board of Examiners.

    Q: My clinician cancelled the day of the visit after previously confirming, what do I do?
    A: If a cancellation occurs the day of the visit, don’t worry! Your referral is automatically put back into the system and is available for other clinicians to accept.

    Q: It has been over 24 hours since the completion of a visit, but the clinician has not turned in post-visit documentation. What options do I have?
    A:Clinicians have up to 24 hours to submit their post-visit documentation. Once this time limit has been reached, you can contact the clinician directly to request documentation. Keep in mind, you will have the option to rate each clinician following each visit, and one of the categories is timeliness of post-visit documentation. Snap Ratings are very important to clinicians as they improve their visibility on the app. Therefore, clinicians will traditionally send documentation before 24 hours have passed!

    Q: I received an incomplete post-visit note from a clinician. Am I able to request more information?
    A: Our online referral system ensures clinicians do not get paid until their post-visit documents are approved by home health agencies, and clinicians cannot submit post-visit notes without answering all questions on the note. However, if you feel you received insufficient information regarding specifics of the visit, you can simply send the note back to the clinician with a message on where you would like more information.

    Q: I strongly believe Snap Health will help my business, but I would like to know a little bit more before creating an account. Can I schedule a demo of the online referral system?
    A: Yes! We are proud to walk you through the benefits of the online referral system. Schedule a demo with us today!

    Have Additional Questions?

    If you have a question about our mobile app or online referral system that you do not see listed, contact us today! We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.