National Occupational Therapy Month (April)

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Snap Health April 2023

What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a form of healthcare that focuses on patient independence by strategizing ways to help patients with everyday tasks to garner specific skills that help them to adapt to a new way of living. Whether born with developmental disorders, intervention, or recovery from an injury, the goal of occupational therapy is to increase patient independence.

Occupational Therapy Statistics

The United States currently has over 130,000 occupational therapists. Among those, 82% are women, and 16.85% are men. The occupational therapy field encompasses many ethnicities –  75.3% of therapists are White, 9.6% are Asian, 6.2% are Hispanic or Latino, and 4.8% are African American. The average age of an employed OT is 39 years old, and OTs are most in-demand in New York City.1

What do Occupational Therapists Do

Occupational therapists treat people with injuries, developmental disorders, and illnesses to aid them in learning, relearning, gaining, and regaining everyday abilities like driving, eating, cooking, and cleaning. Through therapy, OTs can heal with adaptive equipment, exercises, and holistic approaches. The key to successful patient recovery is identifying the underlying problems with an in-depth evaluation and creating a customizable plan or strategy to increase overall productivity.

Why are Occupational Therapists Important

Occupational therapists are important because they help people of all ages live life to the fullest. Regardless of the illness, developmental disorder, or occupational therapy duration, OTs encourage independent living through modified lifestyle changes and resources.

Why Snap Health is the perfect place for an OT

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